The iconator on my MacBook

the iconator don’t work

Hi @Emerson can you attach a video about your issue?

Same. I haven’t been able to connect to Iconator on my MBP or my iPad today. The server is not responding to Vectornator.

“Failed to connect to Iconator. Either you have no internet connection or the Iconator server does not respond.”

Mine is doing the same thing. I’m on iPad Pro, and this started yesterday. Symbols AND icon actor aren’t connecting to the server. My app is up to date and so is my iPad.

Hi folks,

Sorry for this inconvenience! The problem should be resolved now but I recommend being sure to update to the latest version of Vectornator in order to access Iconator.

Please feel free to report back if this doesn’t sort things out for you.


:clap: YUP! Working! Thank you.