Missing thumbnails in Library/Iconator

Hello there, I’ve been stumbling over this issue for months now, if not years. When searching in the Library / Iconator, the thumbnails are often missing, making the feature completely unusable. It happened on all versions I had, I’m using macOS. It’s not 100% reproducible, but it happens quite often. After some time and/or a few restarts, it eventually goes away. I contacted support, but after some back and forth they couldn’t help except they asked well-meant, but stupid questions (no, I don’t have connectivity problems yadda-yadda…)

Hi there @rsippl,

Apologies for the issue that you are experiencing.

I understand that you mention this issue has been present for a number of months, however, would you mind confirming your device model, OS and Vectornator version for ticketing purposes?


Hi @Helen,

I just ran into this issue again. I’m using version 4.12.0 (20221214151805), on macOS 12.5.1.

Thank you,

Also attaching a screen recording:

@rsippl thanks for sharing!

A ticket has been logged and I’ll update you with any news :slight_smile: