the file could not be read because it is not in the correct format

If anyone could help me with this problem I would really appreciate it.

oh I also have this problem,Have you found a solution?

Please,I‘m worried about it


we’re really sorry to hear about your problem. To better understand the cause of the error message we need some information from you:

  1. When did the message occur?
  2. Which Vectornator version are you using?

Can you please provide us with the file where the message appeared? Feel free to share it here on the Forum or send it to us via mail at mentioning a link to this Forum post. Our QA will try their best to solve the problem as soon as possible.


The message happened while working with a vector 2 days ago.
I did not import any document or modify any format.
With Verctornator 4.5.1 version, using an iPad Pro with the iPadOS 14.8.1

Thank you!

Still without solution @Seal
I hope they bring us a solution.

Hey @Seal and @Pep,

Please provide us with the files where the message appeared so that I can forward them to our devs and ask for help. You can share them here or email us at with a link to this Forum post.
Thanks :wink:


Hey folks,
Happy to announce that this issue is fixed now. Please check out the latest 4.5.3 version.