Cannot open file because operation not completed


While editing my large file (42 artboards) at some point I could not open it because the return message is “The operation couldn’t be completed. (ZipFoundation.Archive.ArchiveError 6.)

iPad (M2 chip)
App version 4.13.6

Hi, can you please tell me if the issue is still there after update on 4.13.7? That update was released today.

Thank you.

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The issue is still present. I tried to share it and export it via email without opening the document up but it returns “Vectornator could not open the requested document”

Will it help to attach a video?

I managed to move the file into my gdrive, under the name Let me know if you’re able to access the file and download it.

Can you please send a direct Google Drive link to that file to with a subject “ZipFoundation.Archive.ArchiveError”?

Ive sent a link!

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