Crash after trying to open new project

I’m experiencing constant crashing when trying to open a document I am currently working on.
I cannot share it to another device either as it will crash the app.

Only with this document and I’ve tried restarting my iPad, the app, clearing space and everything in between.
I’m not sure what to do with from this point.


Hey @Bre,

Welcome to our community :confetti_ball:

And sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing.
Does this happen when you open any of your projects? Or maybe you think this issue is related to one specific file? If so, can we ask you to share this file with us so that I can forward it to our devs and ask for help? To find your .vectornator files, go to Apple Files app/On My iPad/Vectornator/drawings.
You can attach this file here. Or you can write us an email to mentioning Forum: “Crash after trying to open new project” in the subject field and provide us with this file.
More information about your device, OS version, and app version might also be helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.