Vectornator crashes when I attempt to open a particular file

I spent 10+ hours on a project and saved it within Vectornator. When I attempted to reopen/share said file, the app crashes. I can duplicate and sync the file to iCloud, but anything else causes Vectornator to crash. I’ve already tried backing up the file to iCloud and opening it from there along with opening a duplicate file. I also deleted the app, updated my IOS, then redownloaded Vectornator in an attempt to troubleshoot, the file still crashes the program. I would love feedback on this expeditiously. I’ve included the ‘error code’ below.

Vectornator-2022-03-29-121203.ips (30.4 KB)

Hey check if your facing the same issue…if yes they are already working on it… Auto exit when opening project

Happy to announce that the update 4.6.4 was recently released.
May I ask to update the app and check it for us? Hope this issue will no longer bother you.


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