Compatibility problem00

I created two files on 4.13.5 on my iPad. When I tried to edit it on the same iPad (version 4.14.6) , it says that “The operation couldn’t be completed.(ZIPFoundation.Archive. ArchiveError error6.)”.

Hello, can you please send this file to our support for investigation? Just send a copy to

Thank you.

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I have the same problem. I cannot open my artwork. When I try opening, it says “The operation couldn’t be completed. ZIPFoundation.Archive.ArchiveError error6.”
I’m using iPadOS version 16.5.1

I got this error report too and now I can’t complete my design , pls how do I fix this
(ZIPFoundation.Archive.ArchiveError error 6.)

Hi there @SPLASHX07,

Can you please forward the .vectornator file in question to us via so we can take a look?


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I already found a way around it thanks

I redesigned from scratch