Glitchy Artboard

iPadOS 16.5
App Ver 4.13.6
iPad Pro 11”

After having issues with one file with glitches with the nodes, I figured I put the 8 art boards I had in the file and separate them in individual files to work on by copying and pasting them in separate files to see if it made any difference. Tried working on one file and this is what I’ve experienced. I’m not sure what to do anymore and it’s hindering from using this app like I use to.

Hi. Can you please remove the artwork and send us that file to So we can investigate the issue.

Thank you!

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Sent. Had to send the 2nd time to add the artwork…

Hi, we received the file, but can you please send us the .vectornator file for investigation? Thank you. You can remove your artwork from the source file, if you want.

Resent with the files