SVG uploads to Canva

I noticed that when trying to upload SVGs created on Vectornator to Canva, a pop-up comes up saying that file is either incompatible or corrupted.
Is this a problem with Vectornator or Canva?

Canva is a littly picky about SVG files. They need to be:

  • Under 3MB in size; under 10MB for Canva Contributors
  • Between 150 to 200 pixels wide
  • Saved with an SVG Profile of “SVG 1.1”

You could change the width easily enough in Vectornator.
Not sure what profile Vectornator exports.


They also recommend:

  • Expand all strokes, paths, and text boxes (Select your artwork > Object > Expand)
    (i.e. no text, no variable width strokes, or any strokes come to that, only fills)
  • Group shapes with the same color together
    (that’s a little weird)
  • Avoid using textures and gradients
    (I’d also be suspicious about blurs and shadows, basically anything pixel-based)
  • Fit the artwork within the artboard (Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art)
    (OK, this makes sense)
  • Remove unnecessary layers, stray anchor points, and invisible objects
    (This is OK too)
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