SVG export to include 'absolute co-ordinates' option for gradient definitions please?

Hi, this request arises from a recent change which has introduced ‘transformations’ into .SVG export files which include gradients (when you examine the xml code).

One of my major uses for Vectornator was that it allowed me to export .SVG files which defined gradients with absolute co-ordinates. To do so, I only had to make sure I didn’t move a path after I applied a gradient.

Now, by default all gradients are defined by transformation matrices. I import .SVG files to the game Gran Turismo, which does not render transformations applied to gradients, so the shape fill is effectively the last co-ordinate of the gradient definition.

Would it be possible to add a switch when exporting .SVG, so that if it is toggled ‘off’, the gradients are exported as absolute co-ordinate values please?