Suggestions on the function of the auxiliary line and distance

1. I hope to add an auxiliary line for spacing between objects.
This will be very helpful for UI design.:blush:
Just like the following picture

And it has an adsorption effect.
Because many UI designs pursue neatness and beauty.It’s IMPORTANT

2. Distance Display

Just like this pic
iPad:use Apple Pencil select the edited object and use the other hand press the objects for reference to give a distance display(or more convenient way)
Mac:Command + xxx to select a conference
(If just display the distance it will be a mass on the screen anywhere…

Hope to be adopted:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
By 佐鹤景 in China :cn: Jan 31
(I can give a lot of advice because I use it often and I like this app very much. I want to participate in development, but I’m not very good at technical work… And I want to use this app for free all the time.:face_holding_back_tears: