Brush functions are not showing on my app

Hi, I have just downloaded the app and just learning how to use it. I am a jewellery artist and mainly just want to use the app to create stencils for creating jewellery. I saw the brush tool and all the option you have to change the shape of your before line. This would such a helpful tool but unfortunately, it’s not showing any of the other brush options it is only showing one. I am wondering if this is something to do with the type of iPad I have because it’s the lower end thinking it may not have enough memory.

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I am having the same problem. Also cannot change end-caps shape, or make dotted / dashed paths. Essentially, the entire lower portion of the “Stroke” menu (below Regular / Brush) is unusable for me (nothing happens when I click on any of the options)

Hey there,

This is likely due to using the Brush setting within the Brush Tool. This offers the ability to create or use various pre-made profiles, but does not offer adjustments such as changing Caps or Joins - these options are only available while using the Regular setting.

Regarding creating a dotted/dashed path as requested by @user116 - here is a quick demo of how the tool can work:


Hi Helen

Thanks for your response.

I was doing it exactly as shown in the video, but when tapping on the 0 under the word dash for example (and on most of the other tools in that section), no popup appeared for me to edit the number / change the setting (and yes, I definitely had a path selected, and it wasn’t greyed out - it was simply not working).

In my case, updating the ios on my ipad from 16.3.1 to 16.5 fixed the issue. After the update, everything works as expected.

Hope this helps @Amanda73 as well!