something with blur

Hey guys! Love the advent calendar! I just found an issue with blur on my iPad. Could you check? It seems very pixelated. Source: advent calendar present day 6.

Hi @jane.evg / Evgenia, that’s normal, I think.

Blur effect is a pixel-based effect (blur doesn’t really exist in a vector context) - and it’s the same with soft (blurred) shadows.

While that blur will look nicely smooth at 100%, if you zoom in far enough any blur will start to show pixelisation (you’re looking close enough to see the actual pixels involved). For example, it’s difficult to see in your screenshot on my screen, but it looks like you’re zoomed in at maybe over 600%?

You’ll get something similar if you zoom in that far on the edge of any blurred object in Vectonator (or other vector apps) or if you can zoom in that far on any blurred edge or blurred small object in a pixel-based app too.


thank you so much for explaining) now it makes sense<3

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