Blur not centered

Hey everyone!

When I try to blur a shape that uses a radial gradient, I am not getting the center of the shape as the center of the resulting image.

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Hey @shushustorm,

Do you by any chance remember moving the gradient handles? I checked this feature on my side and all works as expected. So I have to ask for your help.
May I ask you to provide us with a video of the issue so that I can try to reproduce it by following the same steps? You can upload it to and share the link with us. Or you can write us an email to mentioning a link to this Forum post and provide us with a video.

In the meantime, we can suggest a workaround. You can tap and drag on the gradient handles on the canvas to change the position and angle of the gradient. Check this page for more details on this feature: Colors | Vectornator Learn

Hey Oksana!
Thanks for your reply! I think this is due to rescaling the object later.
Here you go:

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Thanks for providing us with a video. I have already created a ticket and forwarded all the information to our Quality Assurance team.
I will notify you as soon as I receive any news about the fix.

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Thanks for forwarding!

Hi there @shushustorm,

I wanted to notify you of our recently launched version 4.8.0 :tada:

In this update, you should find that your previously reported issue relating to the blur feature is resolved. I highly recommend that you update to this latest version and check out this improvement alongside our entirely reimagined layer, group and mask functions.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out.


Hey Helen! Thanks for mentioning!