Cannot center object on the artboard

Alignment buttons are not responsive all of a sudden with a single selected object. They do work however if multiple objects are chosen, which lead me to believe that maybe I am using the wrong tool for this. So, how do you center an object on the artboard?

Hi @Manu and welcome to Vectornator Forum can you share with us a video?

@lorenzo You mentioned my name in place of @Maru . :blush:

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Ahaha sorry @Manu :pray:t2::rofl:

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Hi guys!

Thanks for reaching us out.
This is a known issue and our team is working on solving it! I will keep you posted as soon as I get any news about the fix.

We appreciate your patience, sincere apologies for the inconvenience!

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I have an alignment tools problem too. I have this logo of my creation, build upon several curves groupped together. So when I try to align this logo with all alignment tools, nothing happens. But when I make rectangle shape, suddenly the rectangle can be aligned. So maybe alignment tool current.y only work on single shape? (Not a group of shapes?)

Hey! Any updates on this, or temporary ways to work around it?

Hey guys,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Our team is currently working on the fix. Will do our best to release an update as soon as possible.

@aidan.critchley In the meantime, I can suggest you to use snapping tools (like Snap to Guides) that can help with object alignment.


Hi folks!

I just received a reply from our team that very soon we are going to release an update with a fix to this Alignment issue.
I would really appreciate if you can check it once the version 4.6.3 will go live and let me know if you still experience any issues.