Alignment feature doesn't work properly

I cannot use the alignment feature under ‘Arrange’ to align a group of objects or text boxes on the artboard. With the text boxes, it is not to do with aligning the actual text but the text boxes itself. The text box just won’t align to the middle of the artboard or to the sides - it just doesn’t work.

I can’t even align a group of objects. For example, when I group 4 shapes and I try to align them, nothing will happen. Only when I ungroup them, I can align each shape separately.

Hi @mags and welcome to Vectornator Forum. Thanks for your feedback. Today I noticed the same problem. I am sure it will be solved soon. Meanwhile I suggest you to use the View > Smart Guide.


Thank you very much for your response! This is helpful.


Same problem

Hi folks!

I just received a reply from our team that very soon we are going to release an update with a fix to this Alignment issue.
I would really appreciate if you can check it once the version 4.6.3 will go live and let me know if you still experience any issues.


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Hi @Oksana!

It’s working well! Thank you all!