Displayed vectors look pixelated and have gaps when aligned

Images look great when being resized, but become pixelated when zoom is set and ready for editing. In addition, the right side of objects don’t end at their physical location, leaving gaps with other aligned objects.

Hi there @rimi and welcome to the Community Forum!

Regarding the pixelation issue, it appears that there has been a slight blur (0.48 pt) applied to the artwork which may be the root of the problem. If this blur was not intentional, please reduce it to 0 for each respective component and let me know if this solves matters!

With respect to the gapping, is it possible to edit the yellow band’s width to meet the edge of the light pink box? If you enable Snap to Edges you should be able to drag the boundary of the yellow band to meet this edge perfectly.


Ahhh, what a good catch. Somehow I might have selected all shapes and clicked on the blur slider by accident. All shapes had the exact same blur applied and removing it fixed all the listed issues.

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