Something went wrong message is back!

When saving file as an ai Illustrator file, the “Something went wrong” message comes up.

I have a friend who is also having this trouble, so I know it’s not just me.
Any idea about fixes?

Please don’t advise me to send it directly to my desktop, I use dropbox and if it isn’t saved it won’t load to dropbox.

Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Hi there @paulawanda ,

We’re currently experiencing some known problems with AI conversions but the team is aware of the situation and working on a resolution. In the meantime here are 2 alternative methods we can recommend in order to convert your file to .ai format.

  1. Export your file first to SVG then open this SVG file within AI. From here you’ll be able to save it as an .ai file.
  2. Send the file in question directly to Adobe Illustrator CC via the Export tool, after which you will be able to open it within AI and convert to an .ai file.

As soon as I have news on the matter, I’ll be sure to update you!


Hey there @paulawanda,

Good news, with our latest update you should find that this issue has been resolved :tada:

I recommend that you check out Vectornator version 4.8.5 which features a variety of other improvements and our exciting new Inner/Outer Stroke function.

If you notice any other issues or have any additional feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out!