Error every time I try to open an .AI (Adobe Illustrator) File via Import.

Every time I try to import an .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file I get this error
The operation couldn’t be completed. (WDDocument error 102.)

I am clicking on the “Import” tab on the left, then I drag the .ai file into it, and that error appears and Vectornator closes.

I have tried it multiple times but I get that Error message every single time.

Vectornator says you can Import .ai file, but, I cannot. Does anyone know why or what may be happening and how I can resolve this?

Hi, is it possible to send us a file at and put the same subject as you have for that post, so we can trace it.

If it’s not possible to do, please provide more info about what Vectornator version do you have and what Adobe Illustrator file version you’re trying to import. Thank you.

Hi there @Qluts,

Does the file in question happen to be an Adobe Stock file? Unfortunately, Vectornator is currently unable to support such file types but in the event that it is not, we would be happy to look into the matter further!