No layers in ai file

Hi! How can I open ai file with all layers? I saved file on windows with creating pdf and it was just a not editable picture in Vectornator. I tried save ai file without creating pdf and then in Vectornator was just this text. Can you help me?


Hi @Nica and nice to meet you. You can open an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) in Vectornator and I think it maintains all layers - honestly I have never tried it. I advice you to take a look at Import - Learning Hub.

Thank you, I’ve already imported some files, but layers don’t work.

I’m sorry :cry:

Click on the (curve) layer (well, technically, the (curve) object, only “Untitled” is a full layer) and see if you can ungroup it (and or unmask it).
Note: you will probably end up with more layers/objects than you expected, and more levels of grouping and masking.

Importing the PDF data tends to separate fills and outlines into separate object layers, and there are usually page-level and layer-level masking objects, and page and layer-level grouping, in addition to actual groups

Keep clicking on each piece and unmasking and ungrouping as required (when you click on each object, see if there’s an unmask or ungroup option in the Quick Actions that show up underneath.
If you don’t have Quick Actions turned on, tap the Settings icon and turn Show Quick Actions on.

You might have to delete or hide page-level or layer-level masking rectangles (they might cover the entire image and stop you selecting other objects).
If you see what looks like a blank layer/object showing up in the Layers panel, try giving it a fill or thicker stroke to see exactly what it is.

It can be done, it just requires some fiddling around because the .ai format isn’t really designed as a transfer format to other apps. It’s an internal AI format, similar to the .vectornator format fir Vectornator.

For much better cross-app compatibility, I’d highly recommend saving as SVG from Illustrator (I tend to prefer SVG Tiny 1.2, but SVG 1.1 works for most things).
Beware of any bitmap-based features (blurs and some other effects).

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Thank you, it works!