Print across multiple sheets

I’ve drawn a shape that I intend to print out and then use it as a template to cut out a piece of wood. The shape is much larger than a single sheet of paper.

I expected that when I printed it, it would print onto multiple sheets that I could tape together. Instead Vectornator shrunk the shape to fit on a single sheet of paper.

Is there a way to print the shape full size across multiple sheets?


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Hi @Barker7 When you sat that the shape is much bigger than a piece of paper, have you checked the size of your art board in Vectornator?

I would try to make the art board the size I wanted e.g A3 and export as pdf and then use a printers setting to tile print.


Thanks @IBDJ. Good idea to save it to PDF.
I found that Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to tile a large image onto multiple sheets.


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