Is it possible to convert a single vector layer to raster?

Frequently when using Illustrator I want to keep most of my artwork still vector, but I want some layers to be rasterized.

I do this in preparation to take the art to a laser cutter / engraver, where I want the vector part to cut and the raster part to be engraved by the laser.

Is there any way to do this in Vectornator?

Not sure if I’m reading this right but I believe I saw you can import raster images into the artboard you are working on. Perhaps you could try to put the vector art you want to raster on their own layer, then make them into their own template and try this:

-exit V and open a new artboard and load the template you just made
-export it as a raster PNG or whatever
-reload your vector art and delete the layer you made the template from
-import the raster art you made from the template and register it to your vector art?

Just an idea. I don’t’ know if Vectornator will maintain the same coordinates when you import the raster image back in. There may be a simpler way of doing this. Good luck!

PS I’m guessing the vectornator document should probably be accurate 1:1 dimensions to the final output if your using a raster image as part of the design?