Does blur tool rasterize the object? Are all tools and effects truly vector?

  1. Does applying a blur to a path apply a bitmap/raster image along that path, or does the blurred path remain completely a true vector?

  2. Are every tool, effect, and editable properties offered by Vectornator truly 100% vector?

I’m asking because I want to be sure that when it comes time to print or resize to a much bigger scale, that parts of the image won’t get rasterized and potentially pixelated.

Thanks for any clarity.

  1. Yes and No. Due to the rendering performance issues on lower end devices, blur is displayed as rasterised while you’re editing your document. There is a known issue where blurred elements sometimes can be exported at a too-low resolution when exporting your work as jpg/png. It’s something we know that we need to address. However, if you export it as SVG it will come out as truly vector! It’s something we fixed recently :slight_smile:
  2. Other than that, I’m not aware of any other elements/properties that would operate as non-vector. The only exception is if you paste an image into Vectornator, then obviously it will come out as image when you export :wink:

So if you’re going for print and you can use SVG as intermediate format then you should be good. We have invested some time into SVG export recently and it’s pretty solid now.


Thank you for the explanation, it’s great that exporting as svg keeps everything 100% vector!

I’d just add I learned recently that blend modes such as multiply, overlay etc, are not currently supported with Vectonator’s SVG. Something to keep that in mind when doing effects.