Blurry artwork when exporting

I have some artwork/emblems that I drew early on in my use with Vectornator, and they are way too large for what I needed them for. Recently I began trying to use them again, and used the scale mode to bring them down to the proper size. I copied them annd pasted them onto a proper sized canvas instead of resizing the canvas it was on. Everything looks clear and sharp on the canvas, but when trying to export, they are extremely blurry and pixelated. It does the same thing with every export format except pdf. I need to use png because they are for t-shirts. The art is blurry in both the preview and the file. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I can do to fix this?
For example, the first two images are the original large images I made. The second two are the ones I scaled down to size.

All layers are unlocked, nothing is grouped together, all blending is set to normal. Is it possible it’s from pasting on a different canvas instead of just resizing the original canvas?

What happens if you change the width and height to higher numbers like in your first two screenshots ?

It seems like you’re currently asking the PNG to be 360px wide which will indeed be blurry.

I’m trying to make the image size the correct size. The original was drawn at 7680 pt, which is 106 in. I want the png to be 4 in. So I’m trying to figure out how to do that without making it blurry. Sorry I’m still kind of new to this.

I guess it just depends on how many dpi you want for printing. For instance if you want 600 dpi on 4 in wide, this means 4x600=2400 pixels for the width. I’m not sure if Vectornator will write the dpi information in the PNG but in the end what matters to get sharp printing is the number of pixels. Then I guess you can tell your printer to use just 4 in space.

So it’s going on t-shirts, I don’t know if/how that would make a difference compared to a printer, or if I depends on the software they use for it.