Exporting multiple artboards at a time


I understand that I can export artboards together at a time as a PDF file, but this could be useless if I want it to be as PNG or JPEG files, and converting PDF to PNG or JPEG takes a time to upload and download if the file has a huge size.

And it is hard and exhausting to export multiple artboards as JPEG or PNG with high quality.

In the previous versions of vectornator it was hard but much easier to export than the latest version.

In the latest versions it becomes much harder; because of the new UX that force me to export an artboard then re-open the export page, resize, rechoose quality and export, and I should do this for every artboard of up to ten or more.

I really need of this feature. In one of my projects I have 30 artboards and I waste a lot of time to export artboard one by one. Please add this feature soon!