Please at least include a one-time purchase on Curve for individuals.

Having 3 project files is just foul. Forcing someone to buy a subscription just to extend more project files is just slavery. Not everyone can afford $13 a month and that’s just absolute abomination. A limited-time offer does not help for the long run.

Your goal about this software is to target for businesses and designers (whose corporations actually?). There are some users who just use to create as a hobby, but restricting for only 3 project files is just unacceptable for everyone. Sure, people who have enough funds can support this software, but some don’t.

ibisPaint, for example, they have a one-time purchase to remove ads, increase canvas space, and unlock more built in brushes, but not limited to sorting artworks and animate in HD. That only costs $8 for a one-time purchase, and I bought it.

On the other hand, Curve, you make more than 3 files and you’ll be shoved on the face to buy a subscription to continue using this software. That’s probably it, spend more months until your wallet gets empty.

I get it that the money were used for development and funding, but the transition for deadnaming your app, and a new unneccesary animation software, this just feels so wrong. Every update caused my iPad to run unstable and unoptimized just for this monstrosity you have ever created. It was NEVER been like this in the past.

That is not what your software were meant to be made for, yet here we are, you’ve broken my promises to NOT ever change everything.

If you want to continue this project from going forward, then at least include a one-time purchase, for us, individuals, to let us have unlimited files to store whenever we want, create whatever we want, and just leave us alone. Maybe $8 or $10 would even help. We don’t want some real-time collaboration and AI features either.

(Watch as they roll their eyes and say no, I’m calling it)


Hey @philvee727 , absolutely, we’re not rolling our eyes at any users concerns. We’re here and we’re listening. Every piece of feedback helps us improve, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

We totally get that our subscription model might not fit everyone’s needs. It’s set up to provide continuous access to evolving features, updates, and priority support.

But we haven’t forgotten about our users who might find a subscription a bit steep. That’s why we offer the Linearity Starter plan for free. You can keep up to three files at a time, and you can manage your projects by exporting them to store locally, deleting old ones from the application, and then creating new ones. This way, you can keep using Linearity Curve within the three-file limit.

As for Linearity Move, we’d love to hear more about your experience and why you think it might not be necessary.

And about those updates—please tell us more about the instability issues. Knowing exactly what’s going wrong helps us to fix things faster.

We hear you loud and clear, and we’re here to make sure that Linearity works for you, now and in the future. If there’s anything else you’d like us to know, or any suggestions you have, we’re all ears.

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Or here’s a better idea: stop dodging what people say about your egregious subscription model. Such as here, you stated that you haven’t forgotten those who want old Vectornator back, and yet you decide to start spouting about your “starter plan” which doesn’t even address our issues. Just REMOVE THE FILE LIMIT or, and this is literally what OP recommended, MAKE THIS PROGRAM A ONE TIME PURCHASE. Hell- have it separate from Move. I, and many many many others, do not care about Move, we care about Curve. So I think, if you want the continued support from those who simply want our favorite mobile vector app back, rethink your model, and your choices, and how you interact with your community.

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@Porg @philvee727

I totally understand both of your frustration, but what I really think everyone fails to realize is that if Linearity Curve was to remain free, how would they be able to give us all these awesome tools that they provide, pay their employees, and continue to grow as a company that is able to provide what they do. I think that them even providing a free option is more than generous and to be honest Linearity’s rates are lower (if not the lowest) than most vector programs out there. There are a ton of free vector programs that are available but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

All I am saying is try and see all sides of the coin, have some grace, and know that Linearity is really doing a great job trying to deliver a software that is for everyone to the best of their ability. Also lets be honest if Linearity didn’t have that special sauce, you wouldn’t be wasting your time with their software, we all know they have something awesome :wink:

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Hey there @Porg , thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have to say that I agree with @Dom on the thoughts they shared.

@Dom, you’re spot on with your points about the challenges of keeping a product free while also making sure we can support our team and keep improving. It’s awesome to see you recognizing the effort we’re putting in to deliver a software that works for everyone.

We’re really grateful for your support and understanding as we figure things out and try to give you the best experience possible.

That doesn’t answer the question that free users are restricted to only 3 files.

Think about it, I subscribe $18 a month as an individual, sure it does feel good when I unlock every features in the first day, but it doesn’t mean I have to frequently use this software every day. I barely use that software to trace outlines from my drawing sketches, and do graphic design for fun.

Not everybody can really afford a subscription here. Hell, the users here even complain here and a few other topics related to starter plan about this. You didn’t want to reverse this change because you’re just being ignorant. I mean, you just never wanted to. Not just you in particular, but some team members of yours either.

Also I do appreciate the starter plan update. Congratulations, you made it worse. Restricting PDF and SVG exports, and capped by 1024x1024 canvas size, is just pure BS.

You just never learn do you…

With the limitations you introduced, the starter plan makes no sense for someone who wants to try the software, looking at the export problems still present in the app, who would want to “try” if you can’t check the results once exprted to vector format and opened in another software.
Only two artboards ? You made the software useless for a lot of users.

Really enjoyed the Ui, ease of use, but anyone who is really serious about their work will always end up checking and finishing working on the file on illustrator or affinity. The price for a “vector sketchbook” is not justified.

I can easily understand that development cost are real, but there is something wrong here, you have to build trust with users, even more when subscription based, and the way you introduce the limitations makes me doubt about the future of the tool. Good luck and thanks for the ride, to affinity and beyond !

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Hey @philvee727, thanks for your message. Before I say anything else I do want to emphasize that we care a lot about user feedback - We respond to as many forum posts as possible. That in itself should already show you that we take any sort of feedback seriously.

Offering paid subscription plans is required in order to fund the further development of Linearity Curve & Move - a one-time purchase option like some users have asked for would not make it possible for us to develop the product further (and to recoup the initial investment that was necessary to create Vectornator as you have known and used it for free for a while).

I’m genuinely curious to hear what alternative ideas you would propose, and I’m willing to discuss them with the team.

Greetings from Berlin!

Thanks for reaching out @Miaone. I’m happy to explain a bit how we decided on the restrictions for the Linearity Starter plan.

Our goal is allow as many people as possible to express themselves creatively. Among our users, we have people that just use Linearity Curve & Move for their hobby illustrations and animations, and professional people that are marketers, illustrators, graphic designers, and motion designers who make a living by using our products.

We are able to offer the Linearity Starter Plan to hobbyists for free because we charge professional users a subscription fee - But that also means that we have to find a point where hobbyists become professional users. Our research shows that 3 files is the point where our users start to become more professional.

I do however think that the point of limitations for new users being a limiter for growth are valid. I took note of your feedback and will discuss it with the team to see what we can do to ensure new users are able to properly try the app. Do you think the free trial phase of the Linearity Pro plan does not address this problem?