Please add Custom Scaling functionality

Currently, the default scale has 10 divisions for every Inch. If this can be customized, say, to 1/8" or for that matter any division of the inch scale, it would make Vectornator a very useful tool for designers. Please add Custom Scaling. Much appreciated.

Hi @Golfr2 can you explain me better your problem please? Thank you in advanced.
I wish you a nice day.

Thanks for contacting me. Say, I want to draw something to exact dimensions in inches, with a grid set to 1/8 inches (0.125"). It would have 8 grid lines for every inch. But when I look at the scale on the X and Y axis, it has 10 divisions instead of 8 divisions like the grid lines. The grid lines need to match the number of divisions on the inch scale on both X and Y axis. Currently, there is no way to customize settings and make them match on Vectornator.

I hope I have explained the issue.


What I see as my biggest hurdle is using the app to design someone’s new condo. I get a floor plan with feet and inches and I would like a grid that would have 12 divisions inside of another grid. Perhaps even another grid above that with 3 by 3 divisions for square yards. I have software that does this on the Mac, but it does not translate to the iPad. These diagrams come in very handy on the iPhone when you are shopping for furniture. There are multiple uses for this feature.

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I wish they fix this issue. Otherwise, the grid lines have no real meaning for scaled drawings.

Scaling (or the lack of it) seems to be a real issue with Vectornator. For large scale projects it is essential to be able to scale precise ratios and then print in A4 or A3.