Grid measurement doesn’t match scale

If I select a grid with 0.125” spacing, I have 8 grid lines for every inch. But the inch scale displayed still have 10 divisions and not 8.

Also when I print a 4” X 4” box diagram and measure it, the box size is 1/4” smaller. Not sure how to solve these two issues. Any help is appreciated. If the bug can be fixed, I can use Vectornator more.

Hey @Golfr2,

Thanks for contacting us.
The rulers have 10 divisions by default, and unfortunately there is no way to create custom rulers at this time. You can add this feature request in the Ideas & Feedback section if you would like to see it implemented in the future.

As for the Print issue, сan we clarify on which device you printed the document? We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the test project so that I can forward it to the QA team? You can upload it to and share the link with us or send it to
More information about your device, OS version and Vectornator version might also be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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