Pixel art format!

Something that the design team should add to Vectornator, is the ablility to have a grid, that then you can place either dots or squares, inside the grid. Basically incorporating pixel art into Vectornator. This can appeal to a larger audience, and can also help incorporate some interesting designs in our drawings. Take this into consideration for the next major update!

Hello Vecto, my name is Alexander, I’d like to help you with that.
On macOS:

  • Menu bar → View → White background
  • Menu bar → View → Snap to Grid
  • Menu bar → View → Show Grid

On iPadOS:

  • Settings → Snap to Grid
  • Settings → Artboard & Grid → Show Grid
  • Settings → Preferences → Canvas → White background

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that, But I believe that it would be simpler if you just could do a single tap, instead of manually drawing a box. Hope you understand, Oh, And welcome to the Vectornator forum!