Keep dimensions on objects visible as labels - Important for construction drawings

I do a lot of (small) drawings for construction and floor plans and similar stuff. Precise scale and dimensions are important in these situations. - When I draw a line I can see the dimensions as I draw and I can edit length in top right corner.

But I would like the dimensions displayed while drawing to stay visible (perhaps as a toggle on/off option). It would be a game changer in the ways we can use Vectornator. - How this can be done can be seen in the vector apps Graphic and xDesign (iDesign on iPad).

Since the data are already there and are also shown while drawing, all it takes is an option to let this information stay on the screen all the time.

I totally agree, not having the ability to output dimensions is a major issue for me. I use Graphic which also has the ability to ‘scale’ ratios. Very useful when drawing large (say A0 size) projects and printing on A4

Same here. - It should not be a difficult add-on to Vectornator. A “label” with dimension is already being shown when you draw. And in the top right corner you can also see the dimensions.

So all we want is an option to let the lables for objects stay on the screen instead of going away. Like in Graphic and xDesign/iDesign. I like Graphic’s possibility to decide label for label what to do. And that should not be too difficult either.

I am slowly trying to kick off from Graphic (iDraw). I have worked with it for years but no updates appear any more.

I regularly make small, simple technical sketches. The application of dimension lines (with a label) and the possibility of setting a scale would be very helpful.

Yes Construction lines would be a valuable addition to the app.