Why does a Vector app require a Document Size to start?

New to Vectornator & puzzled why a vector application would ask me to pick a document resolution before I can draw anything? Vector art should scale infinitely. What am I missing? Perhaps this is a misnamed raster application?

Hi @meltemi, you are right. A vector illustration can be scaled infinitely. The artboards (canvas) are references. You can create a canvas 300x300px and then export it as 1000x1000 or viceversa, the result don’t change. Anyway vectornator has some model of canvas such as A(0/1/2/3/…/) or social formats like instagram post and so, they are references.

Hi @meltemi

Having a document size allows you to make design and placement decisions more easily, which can be good reasons to choose a vector app - most raster apps don’t let you have the same alignment and layout control.

As you and @lorenzo state, this doesn’t prevent you from scaling your design afterwards, which is another advantage of a vector app over raster, but to me overall scalability is often a minor or unimportant aspect of vector work.

For me, the main advantage of a vector app is not so much about scaling, but about elements remaining editable for continued modification.
Once you’ve put down paint in a raster app, the modification options are usually fairly limited.

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