All new “features” should always be optional if it drastically changes something

Listen I love how vectornator is always adding new things, but some new things like making things outside of art boards visible is something not everyone wants… Having an option to turn this off would be awesome, and if people want to use it they can enable it.

This goes for all new features that drastically change something, allowing us to choose if we want a new feature to be enabled or not should always be on the table

Agreed! I really like this as an option but most of the time I like my workspace clean. It’s super distracting having elements hanging off the artboard.

Hi folks,

I wanted to give a quick update that within the latest App Store version of Vectornator (4.12.1), it is now possible to disable the capacity to view objects placed beyond the Artboard.

To do so, simply open your document → settings → canvas → clip artboards → clip all.