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Hi Everyone

I’m brand new to Vectornator and apps of this kind. I’m trying to use my iPad to replicate what I do with a piece of paper to make diagrams of software systems that I set up: boxes, clouds, computers, apps and lines between them to illustrate connections.

Despite what look like excellent tutorial videos, I’m stuck at the first conceptual hurdle.

When I create a new A4 document, it is shown with a checkered gray and white grid that I presume represents an empty document i.e. a complete absence of anything.

It will probably sound stupid, but how do I make the background white to emulate standard paper?

Many thanks for your time.

Hi @Truffle,

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You can toggle the default white background for your document by going to Document Settings > Canvas > White Background.

Check this page for more details >> Settings | Vectornator Learn iPad

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Thanks Oksana, it appeared to be off by default for me. Hopefully this will be enough to get me started!

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