Paste to destination location

I found it quite inconvenient that the Cmd+v paste always place the pasted object near the original location that is being copied.

  1. Often times the desired destination is cross the canvas. Using touchpad to drag an object to a destination outside the current screen is a cumbersome experience.
    (1) Since the destination is outside screen, while dragging on a big canvas, the user is “blind” in finding the direction to destination, and often times need to stop half way, zoom out the canvas to find direction, and then drag again. If the canvas is full of other objects, even finding a place to stop half way is difficult; sometimes, I had to drop the new object to a location that overlaps with other objects due to (a) soreness of finger (b) reach the edge of touchpad. This becomes tricky when moving ungrouped objects, because the second drag may accidentally unselect the ungrouped objects.

  2. When I want to paste an object multiple times to remote locations, I need to go back and forth between the original location and the target location. A workaround would be copying from locations nearer the subsequent destinations, instead of from the original location. But an intuitive task becomes a task requiring planning.

Suggested solution:

  1. if user clicks mouse at a new location on canvas before pasting, the pasted object should be placed at the new location.
  2. Alternately, the pasted object should float with cursor, until user clicks mouse to commit the final destination.

For pencil support, perhaps user can long press pencil at the destination location and invoke a menu to select paste… refer to Concepts’ implementation.