How to duplicate items in-place?

Currently, if you copy and paste items they are offset by 20 points on x and y axes. I want to copy and paste without the offset. How do I do that? I tried by duplicating layers but that doesn’t seem to work at all.

Update: I noticed there is a Duplicate command (Cmd-D) which offsets by 20 points, and there is workaround for “in-place” duplication by right clicking copy/paste. IMO regular copy/paste (Cmd-C/Cmd-V) should work the same as using the context menu. Then we’ll have two ways of duplicating, one with Duplicate with offset and Copy/Paste in-place. Thoughts?

you can move the duplicated item easily by selecting it, and then looking in the right menu under the Style. At the top, it shows the x and y coordinates of the object you selected. You can type new values here and the object will move to where you want it. Hope that helps