Option to turn off “tap to redo/undo” feature

I’m using the Curve app on the iPhone, and when I use two fingers to zoom in, often times, I would accidentally activate the “tap with two fingers to redo” feature, and this is very annoying.

Sometimes, I would proceed without noticing that I had redone something, and this causes a lot of issues later on.

To prevent this from happening, it would be nice if the Curve app gave us the option to turn off “tap to redo/undo feature” in the settings.

I’m sure there are people like me who don’t use this feature and use the back arrow button to redo things.

Hey @izzer, thanks for your message. When I try to use the Zoom within Curve on my iPhone I don’t face these kinds of difficulties - Could you perhaps send us a video of it to support@linearity.io? We’d love to have a look at it! Thank you!


Hi, Sam. More than a week ago, I sent you guys an email titled “Redo Feature in the Curve app,” and it was regarding this matter, but I did not get back from you guys.

Perhaps, it’s easier to reach out to you guys on Linearity Community, so I’ll post the video here.

In the video, it shows that right after I zoom out, “tap to redo” feature is being activated inadvertently, and the color of the square goes back from cyan to red.

Hey @izzer , thank you for addressing the problem and for sharing the video. I apologize for the waiting time and any inconvenience this has caused.

We’ve responded to your email. Your suggestion is noted, and we will investigate this issue further.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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