Linearity new Customer Support Specialist introduction 💁

Hello, everyone! :wave:

I’m Nadya, the new Customer Support Specialist at Linearity! Along with @Medet , I’m here to answer your questions and provide assistance whenever you need it. I’ve been working with customers in various technology domains for about a decade, and I have a passion for graphic editing as a hobby. :art:

I firmly believe that with your support, Linearity will continue to improve.
Your warm encouragement is something I look forward to, as we build a close-knit community together. :raised_hands:


Hello @Nadya, and a warm welcome to the Linearity family! :tada:

It’s fantastic to have you join us as a Customer Support Specialist. With your extensive experience and enthusiasm for graphic editing, I’m confident you’ll bring fresh insights and energy to our team. It’s always exciting to see someone with a genuine passion for the technology and community we serve. :star2:

We’re all about fostering a supportive and engaging community here at Linearity, and your role is pivotal in making that happen. I’m looking forward to seeing your contributions and how you’ll help our community thrive. Let’s make some magic happen together! :rocket:

And remember, we’re here to support you just as much as you’re here to support our customers. Welcome aboard! :blush:

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a kind-hearted hello. i have never before experienced such a greeting at any company. i only know the form where you enter your email and error description, then it’s all in the ticket system. then you get an answer from a person specialized in the topic. but here you notice that someone is sitting virtually at the table with you and holding hands. welcome nadja!

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Hello! :star2:

Thank you for your warm welcome! We’re all about creating a friendly and personal experience here. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about making your journey with Linearity a pleasant one.


… all this likes and hello… lovely! :innocent:
sorry, I actually thought the sarcastic content was clear, I apologize that this was taken as serious.
but of course i don’t want to offend anyone, it is certainly true that you are all friendly people.

as a professional user you don’t need names or faces, just a tool that works or a tip from someone who can help you.

  • there is the one who needs help with his background, where is the update?
  • there are those who have legal problems, where is the update or the right tip?
  • there is missing information for decisions for the future, who prepares and publishes it? (it doesn’t matter who, but publishing is important!)
  • there are discrepancies between the information on the web and what vectornator can really do, who will correct them? (who doesn’t matter, but change is important!)

for all this a user of an app doesn’t need a name or a face, he just wants to see that solutions/improvements are really coming.
and this doesn’t mean that users don’t appreciate your work! but working in IT means getting along without feedback: when no more emails come, the phone is silent, that’s the biggest compliment, because then everything works!

and please, don’t complain that you’re only a small team, anyone who boasts of being so popular and has taken up the cause of revolutionizing the way we draw is responsible for scaling the team themselves.

continued success (no sarcasm!) :sunglasses:

A warm welcome, Nadya! I’m so glad to have you on board and I can’t wait to see you dive into it to help further support our lovely community.