Say hola to Linearity Español 🇪🇸

Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m excited to announce that the world of Linearity is now available fully in Spanish!

Seeing so many of you enjoy our software in your own language brings us an incredible amount of joy. This positive response has motivated us to provide even more valuable content to our Spanish-speaking community.

Our powerhouse for localisation, @jiamin has put in a lot of work on this one and you can read all about it on our blog post here!

Gracias a todos! :raised_hands:

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Hey there! I’m Jiamin, a localization manager at Linearity. I want to express my gratitude for the incredible warmth and support our Spanish-speaking community has shown us. :blush:

While we are still building our website, we greatly value your feedback on how we can enhance your web experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your suggestions. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the content we’ve prepared for you!

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