Linearity Curve 5.4.7 and Linearity Move 1.2.7 are Here!🆕

Hey Linearity community! :wave:

In this release, we’re excited to introduce improvements that enhance your design and animation workflows.

Linearity Curve 5.4.7 focuses on refining the in-app learning experience and addresses several bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Improved In-App Video Display: We’ve enhanced the in-app video experience with features like autoplay, making learning more accessible and seamless.

Linearity Move 1.2.7 introduces new features to enrich your animation projects and improved the in-app learning experience.

  • GIF Export: Now, you can export your animations as GIFs, expanding your options for sharing and displaying dynamic content.

  • New Animation Presets: Enjoy new “Wipe” and “Flipbook” presets, unlocking diverse and engaging animation possibilities.

  • Image Cropping: Easily crop any image in Linearity Move using the Crop Tool, adding flexibility to your creative process.

  • Improved In-App Video Display: We’ve refined the in-app video experience with enhanced display features like autoplay, ensuring a smoother learning journey.

  • We’ve also fixed bugs and made performance enhancements to provide you with the best Linearity experience possible.

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Thank you for being part of the Linearity community!