How to animate a logo in linearity move

I’m super super pumped. Linearity move moved has finally launched yesterday and I am here for it! I spent hours watching the tutorials on the website for the Mac version, and I was really really happy to try it on my iPad. You can follow along with my tutorial here. My voice is really low and raspy because I’m sick but I promise you I’m usually more perky.Animate a logo in Linearity move
I love how linearity has even th playing field.


Hey @Procreaters ,

we’re thrilled to hear about your excitement for the Linearity Move launch and your engaging tutorial– it’s awesome!

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great, but honestly, your voice in the video still sounds really great :blush:

By the way, you should totally check out our Ambassador Program. It’s a great fit for someone as into Linearity as you are. You can find more about it and apply right here: Linearity Ambassador Program.

Keep up the amazing work! :magic_wand:

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