Linearity Curve 5.4.3 and Linearity Move 1.2.3 are Here🚀

Hey, Linearity community! :wave:

We’re happy to announce the latest updates for Linearity Curve and Linearity Move! These updates have improvements to boost your design and animation workflows.

Linearity Curve 5.4.3: Precision Designing Just Got Better

  • Guides Enhancements: Enjoy real-time labels for guides, adherence to rounded numbers for easy alignment, and smart adjustments based on the document’s measurement unit for seamless design tweaks.
  • Line Height Control: Experience greater control over text layout with the ability to set line heights below the default value and fine-tune them in points or percentages.

Linearity Move 1.2.3: New Features for Streamlined Animation

  • Line Height Control & Smart Guides: Just like in Curve, get more control over your text and effortless alignment with smart guides.
  • Quick Actions Bar: Access essential operations quickly with the new content-aware Quick Actions Bar.
  • Keyframe Replacement: Merge keyframes simply by dragging and dropping for efficient animation editing.
  • SVG Import: Easily drag and drop SVG files directly into the Move import screen.
  • Enhanced Export Capabilities: Export videos with transparent backgrounds, choose your video codec, and enjoy an updated export screen UI for a smoother experience.

And, of course, we’ve fixed bugs to iron out those little issues and improve your overall experience with Linearity.

And if you’re loving the new updates, don’t forget to rate the applications and leave a review. Your support means the world to us!

Thank you for being with Linearity!

Hi, the latest update have killed the app : can’t resize object with the two finger gesture on iphone and ipad. Two fingers on the screen makes the canvas to scale and pane, and when you release the first finger (holding the object) the second finger still on the screen makes a mess - object and canvas scale and position « jumps”. Holding shift on a keyboard works, but kills the purpose of the app if i need a full keyboard to perform the most basic editing action….

Hey @Miaone , I’m really sorry you’re running into this issue after the update.

The two-finger gesture allows to zoom into/out the canvas. A screen recording of what’s happening on your end would be super helpful for us to understand the issue better. Looking forward to helping you get back to your flow!

Just try to create a perfect square or scaling an object without deformation.
When you touch the screen to constrain the proportions, the zoom and pan activate and messes everything.
As you can see, editing or creating a perfect square is not possible because the zoom and pan stay activated when touching the screen with the second finger and then swap to the coordinate of the finger still holding the screen when you release the first one. Hope you get it !

Yesterday’s update, still no fix for my problem. Ipad and iphone. Am i the only one who can’t use the app ? Did the video help to identify the issue ?

Hey @Miaone , we’re so sorry about the hassle, and thanks for letting us know what’s going on.

We were able to reproduce the problem you mentioned. We’re on it and will sort it out as soon as we can. For now, you might want to try setting the size you want first (with the help of the Style Inspector) and resize the shape using the aspect ration handle.

Really appreciate your patience while we are resolving this.

Hey @Miaone,

Just wanted to follow up and say thank you for your patience! We’ve released a new version, 5.4.5, that addresses the issue you mentioned. Please update the application and check if everything works as expected now. If you encounter any more problems, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks again for helping us improve!

Thank you, the latest update fixed it :slight_smile: thanks for the reactivity !

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