Layers are not updating unless program is restarted. (MACOS)


I used vectornator on iPad awhile ago, now have downloaded Curve on Mac. I’ve found that since todays update, when I delete or add a layer, it doesn’t show unless I restart the whole program.

The layer looked like it was deleted off the canvas, but it still exists in the sidebar, If I select the deleted layer, it shows a blue outline of what it was.This can’t be fixed unless I restart as far as I can tell

Is anyone else struggling with this since the most recent update?


Hi there @poke and welcome to the Linearity Community! Thank you for submitting your problem and I’m sorry this is getting in your way.

In order for us to take a deeper look, and see if we can identify the root issue, will you be able to send us to affected file(s)?

Thank you for your patience and understanding!