Joining Path Points

Hello, stuck on this most simple function of joining points. Cannot figure it out. Used illustrator, affinity designer and I select both paths with the selection tool then switch to my node selection tool, drag a selection around both highlighted nodes to be connected and join them. Not so with Vectornator. Trying everything. I am using an iPad Pro. Cannot reproduce what should be very simple and intuitive. Can someone help. Would like to move quickly by this. I wonder this being so unusual what is ahead for me in learning this new vector app?

Thanks for your help!

Well looks like everyone else is having the same problem. Worked around it and went on to aligning points. Selected 4 points I needed to be horizontal to each other and it shot all points to the top of the canvas.

Okay, going to stop using this app.

Seems like it would be a good app, disappointed.

Maybe I can get some help one day. Going back to Affinity Designer

Does anyone from Vectornator monitor these forums?

Anyway went on to my third tool in Vectornator, Shape Builder, I suppose the short video should have explained the parameters that the tool would work in because it didn’t work for me.

Three no go.

Is there anyone to help?


Hi there @brandonchampney,

Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback - I’d be happy to help wherever possible.

  • We offer a Join Paths function which could resolve the issue previously outlined. You can learn more about that button here in our dedicated Learning Hub.
  • It would be really helpful if you could recreate and record the alignment issue so that we could better understand which tools were used. This recent, useful thread may be able to help offer some workarounds if the default alignment options are not providing the desired results.
  • If you wouldn’t mind describing the result you were aiming to achieve using Shape Builder and perhaps providing a screen recording of the steps taken. I would be more than happy to advise or, if necessary, log any bug reports if that is determined to be the root of the issue.

Sincere apologies for your negative experience with Vectornator and the delayed communication. I assure you this forum is monitored regularly, however, response times are typically slower during the evenings (CET) and weekends.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hello Helen,

Thanks for your response!

  • It seems to not be possible to select two points laying on top of one another in order to join them. The join tool is grayed out, and not selectable.
  • Below is a screen capture of the align issue I am experiencing.
  • I was experimenting with the shape tool as a trim tool. I had two separate curves overlapping one another so that there were extended ends that could be trimmed. When I tried to trim them it would delete the whole curve not just the overlapping portion. These were open curves and I am wondering if they need to be closed?
  • Also, points are not snapping horizontally or vertically to adjacent points to line them up so I am having to create a lot of guides which is a little bit of a hassle. Also I have set up points snapping to each other and in most cases they are not.

Screen capture video link

Thank you for your help

Hi @brandonchampney,

Thank you for clarifying!

  • Join Paths: Is it possible that the paths you are trying to join are closed? As you can see in the below screen recording, Join Paths will become disabled if being used on closed paths, here is how to check your paths, open them, and join accordingly.

  • Shape Builder: Your suspicion is correct, as of right now, Shape Builder will only recognise and operate upon closed paths. While we work on this, you can simply convert any open paths to Outlines and work as normal with the tool.
  • Alignment options: I will forward your provided video to the team for evaluation regarding a potential bug, but in the meantime, instead of selecting all nodes of the shape (while in the Node Tool), perhaps trying to select the entire shape and then aligning will provide the desired result.

Let me know how you get on,