Aligning not working

Hey everyone!

When aligning some objects across some layers at once, their thumbnails get aligned, but the objects themselves don’t get aligned.

I am using Vectornator 4.8.1, iOS 15.4.1, iPhone mini 13.

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Hi there @shushustorm,

Would you mind providing a screen recording of this incident so the team can understand the steps taken?

I also notice that you’re currently using Vectornator 4.8.1, I highly recommend updating to our latest version for the most optimised experience.


Hey Helen!
Thanks for the fast reply! Here is a screen recording showing the issue:

However, I only update rarely to ensure more workflow stability.
Also, I just noticed the alignment doesn’t not work at all, it seems to align to the center of all of the selected objects rather than the center of the canvas. That may be helpful in some cases, but when it’s not, you have to align all the objects individually.
I’d suggest a toggle to choose from those behaviours, if it’s not already implemented and I just missed it.

Hi @shushustorm you aligned in vertical axis but you must also align horizontal axis.

Hey @lorenzo
Thanks for the reply, but that’s not what I want to do. I want the selected objects each align to the canvas (2048px squared), so their origins should be at x,y(1024,1024). When selecting one after another, that does work. But I can’t make it work selecting multiple objects, since the origin they center to will be the average of their positions, not the center of the canvas.

Ok I’m sorry but you can’t align objects to the center of the canvas in this way.
If you select two or more objects and then you use the alignments tool you will align the objects among them. If you want aligns objects respect the axis you must align one at time.
You can alo use the Smart Guides.

Little trick: you can use this little trick

  1. align object among them
  2. group them
  3. align the group to center
  4. ungroup

Only problem is that you group objects of different layers you broke the layer hierarchy.

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately, that won’t work for me, since grouping and regrouping later on would be even more work than aligning each object individually. Maybe this should be a feature request, it’s not a bug report after all.

You don’t have to group the objects, just select them (personally I’d use Multi Select Mode, but selecting from the Layer panel is also valid).

Make sure Snap to > Smart Guides is on, under the settings icon (cog/gear wheel).

You can then drag the selected objects, and a snapping line will appear in (and the objects will snap to) the centre of the canvas.

Thanks for the reply, @ButlerToCats !
However, if I understand you correctly, that will just place the individual objects, in relation to the average position of all of them, to the canvas center. I’d like each of them to be put at the canvas center. Or am I missing something?

Sorry for not being clear.
I was thinking of this as a step 2 workaround, moving the (current behaviour) now aligned objects together to the center.

  1. Align objects to each other.
  2. Move all aligned objects to centre of canvas.

You are correct, if you used snapping alone, you would have to move each object individually.

I see! Thanks for clarifying! That does indeed work! That’s great! While it would be nice to immediately snap all to center, this is a great workaround and not really involved!