iPad Pro not screen mirroring/airplaying properly on TV

I have the newest iPad where I use my Smart TV to screen mirror/airplay my screen for other to see the work I’m doing. Other apps are functioning as expected, however Vectornator is not. When I open the app while screen mirroring, the TV only shows the screen with all of the files/artwork saved on vectornator and the iPad functions as usual. It would be great to have vectornator screen mirroring as expected (view what the iPad user is seeing on other devices such as a TV)


I know that the M series chips make Stage Manager a solution. Still, there are millions of iPads in the hands of folks who cannot afford upgrading to that. An entry level iPad connected to an older/affordable monitor is an important desktop alternative for many. Please adjust the display to place image editing on the external display or set it to standard mirroring.

Thanks for all you do to make a great accessible editor.

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Not being able to use an external monitor while using Vectornator can severely hinder the functionality of this application, especially when it comes to working on large drawings. The lack of this capability diminishes the user experience and limits the potential for efficient workflow and precise design work.

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Just bumping visibility on these posts, since it seems to affect many of us:

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Hi @JeffPeppers thank you for the bump!

This is indeed on our radar and the team is working on it. We are hoping to resolve this in the coming releases.

Thank you all for the patience and understanding.

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