How to mirror Vectornator to an AppleTV for educational purpose

I want my students to follow my demo of vectornator design via an AppleTV to which I have my iPad connected via AirPlay.

Unfortunately if I do so, students won‘t see more than the start screen of Vectornator.
If I open up a file the view only changes on my device to design view. The view on the connected AppleTV remains on the start screen.

Is there a way to show everything to my students on the AppleTV as I see it on my device?

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Hi there @jkalt,

Unfortunately we’ve been unable to reproduce this issue from our end using AppleTV and AirPlay. Could there potentially be any connection issues?


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it happened to us too.
but it only happens on IOS 16.


thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’re looking into this issue and be able to provide a fix for this problem.



Hi I just mirror to Apple TV - then students can see hope that helps

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Quick reply, now not working.
I mirrored iPad to Apple TV.
Opened LumaFusion - affinity photo - animation pro and procreate all work.
Vectornator cannot go beyond a screen gallery.
Regards Rob

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I’ve just noticed this also happens to me when mirroring to devices or using Reflector 2,3 from iOS 16.6, Vectornator/LinearityCurve v5.1.0

Obviously not a deal-breaker, but it would be really cool to have it work like most other apps if its not too big of a thing to fix

Thanks for the great app! :sunglasses: