IOS pdf size limit?

I am trying to open and edit a Vectorworks made pdf that is 48.00 × 36.00 in (landscape)(3456x2592) 3MB file size. Vectornator seems to hang and then crash after a while. Normal PDFs open fine so I am guessing this pdf is beyond some limit. However I cant find information as to what the limit is. Any help is appreciated. I love the app.

Hi @Tristan i think it is a bug because I opened a pdf of 4.6 Mb. Have you the last version of Vectornator?

Yes. Latest version

I think it is a bug.

Hi @Tristan,

welcome to the forum and we’re very sorry to hear that the app crashes.
Could you please check if you received any crash report? Open iPad Settings->Privacy->Analytics&Improvements->Analytics Data-> scroll down to see crash reports named Vectornator-2021-12-… . In case you received one, please share this .ips file with us here or via mail so that I can forward it to devs.

Thank you!! :slight_smile: