App crashing probably due to file getting too big - Will upgrading iPad hardware help?

Hi! Thank you in advance for your help!

Recently, I have been experiencing very frequent app crashes to the home screen and I think it is because of my file getting too big or having too many shapes, nodes and layers in it. I tried hiding layers and merging paths, but to no avail. There are no Vectornator crash reports in the analytics data from these crashes.
I am currently using an iPad 6 and it is probably happening due to a lack of available RAM or something along the lines of that.

My question is whether upgrading to a newer, better iPad will help with that or if there are app-related limitations concerning the file size and amount of nodes etc. and a newer iPad would simply have these crashes as well, since it is the app reaching its limits and not the hardware.

I hope I was able to properly convey my problem and I am looking forward to your replies.

I just managed to export diagnosis files and there are a lot of these reports (see screenshot), so I guess it really is a RAM related problem. Will a better iPad help with this? Or is this Vectornator reaching its limits? And if a better iPad helps, for how long will it be able to handle it?