Imported image manipulation

I’d like to be able to have more control over imported images and how they should finally look.

For example.
If I import an image to use as say, flooring. I’d like to be able to fit it to the shape I have. If the shape is round, or very irregular, I have no way of shaping it to fit within Linearity. The image remains a fixed shape.

Instead I have to take the shape I want to fill and the image I want to use, put them both into another drawing package. Shape them both there the best I can. Then import back into Linearity to use.

A very long winded work around for a problem that should be easily fixable within Linearity itself.

If you could build in this feature, I would not have to use another drawing package to achieve my aims.

Hi @Caz thank you for the suggestion. I’ll take this back to the team and see if we can find any workarounds for you.

Hello Caz,

Thank you for reaching out on the forum. If I understand correctly, you can achieve it by creating image masks.

You can learn more about it here -
Video tutorial: How to use clipping mask in Linearity Curve
Blog: How to create image masks

Please let me know if this helps.

If you’re looking for something else, it’d be great if you could share a short video walkthrough of an example that you’d like to achieve.

Thank you!

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