Blur without the glow?

Hello! I am new to Linearity Curve and I love it! I am just wondering how to make a blur without the glow? Like in images where there is a border to the glow and doesn’t “emit” light. I already know how to blur but this feature is crucial for me.

If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.


If I understand you correctly, you can create a shape without fill to use it as a mask and limit the glow of your blurred shape to its borders.

And how do I do that?

Just create a rectangle or something, disable the fill for it, click or tap on the icon that looks like a masquerade mask, and move the blurred shape on top of it in the layers menu. It should look something like this.

Ohhh, I get it. Thank you! If I am not mistaken, if I want the same effect with an image, I just use the same method?

Absolutely welcome! And yes, you can blur pretty much anything and use any shape you want to simply serve as its border.

Thank you so much! I am coming from Affinity Designer, so I am used to pressing a button for this haha

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Hi @Polycord welcome aboard and so glad to hear you’re enjoying Linearity Curve so far. Yet even better, @Amir so quickly hopped on to offer help! Thank you so much.

Anything else, we’re here for your questions.

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